Claudia Schiffer on Germany Nude


The fashion, film, and music industry has often been accused of being too provocative, too free with its morals, and often times, too sexual. In this section, SEX SYMBOLS, we shall begin to explore each week, the nature of sexuality in fashion, film, and music, discussing what it means to women, men, children, and society at large. We shall regularly interview here, experts on media, culture, moral issues, and sexuality, discussing how sexual aspects help or hinders culture, and effects our social development and interaction. This week, we remember model icon Claudia Schiffer, with her scintillating shot on the German cover of Vogue, with the bold word SEX beneath her.

While Claudia is partly covered here, she turned down appearing in Playboy fully nude. Of this, she tells us, ‘It`s not that I`m against nudity. I`m German, I`m very open, in Germany they lay in the park naked. It`s just the principle.’ She speaks also of meeting guys, and states, ‘I actually don't meet very many men because they are, I guess, afraid to approach me or think that I'm from another planet.’

Regarding age as an issue for her and women in Hollywood, Claudia Schiffer tells us, ‘I know one day I`ll be considered too old, but I think 40-year-old women actually look more healthy and fit than some girls in their 20s. I`ve met women who have way better bodies in their 40s because they`ve been working on them for all these years.’

It's not a lie ladies, 40 is the new 30! Readers, don’t be shy. Send us your comments. Has Hollywood and the fashion industry gone too far? If so, how? Phone in your comments and they may be printed here in a future issue. The Hollywood Sentinel: news line: 310-226-7176, Los Angeles, California

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