ORI GERSHT: Places That Were Not



May 22 – June 26, 2010

Angles Gallery is currently showing an exhibition of new photographs by Ori Gersht, Places That Were Not. The exhibition is on view May 22 – June 26, 2010. According to the gallery:

The images in Places That Were Not depict hidden swamps and marshes on the boarder of Poland and Belarus, in what remains of the vast primeval forest that once covered most of Europe. These images portray uncharted locations that, historically, had been places of refuge during times of political conflict. Gersht was interested in photographing these areas that do not, or did not, exist on a map and that therefore may be referred to as ‘non-places’ or voids. Photography relies on a physical reality that is present under the lens, and yet, Gersht’s photographs capture not only the physical but also the metaphysical presence of a place. By attempting to expose the memory of historical events through the photographic lens, Gersht questions the relationship between the objective and the subjective nature of photography.

Ori Gersht’s works have been widely exhibited and collected by a long list of many of the world's most prestegious museums. Ori Gersht lives and works in London, England.

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