World’s Top 10 Hottest Actresses of Our Time – Natalie Portman



By Bruce Edwin

There are models, and then there are actresses. The most beautiful actresses of our time not only bare their beauty on screen with their presence, but the living greats of our generation, which we here salute, also bare their soul. A great actor, like a great script, can make us laugh or cry. And these TOP 10 HOTTEST ACTRESSES OF OUR TIME made this elite list not only for their looks, but for their ability to move us in ways that only a great actor can; with their voice, their figure, their actions, and of course, with their face, and its every expression and nuance. While our industry is filled with plenty of amazingly talented and beautiful stars, these women are at the pinnacle, the forefront of greatness and all it embodies in Hollywood. They above all others are the reason why men and woman alike intrigue or obsess about Hollywood. They are Hollywood, in its greatest form.

I first saw Natalie Portman when some of the rest of the world did, in the modern noir thriller ‘The Professional.’ Playing a sexy, Lolitaesque role as a young teenage femme fatale, that controversial role launched her career as an international star, showing her brilliance as a young performer. The world then watched her grow up on screen, with subsequent films including ‘Heat,’ ‘Beautiful Girls,’ and next, the films that would make here a household name, ‘Star Wars I, II, and III.’ ‘Cold Mountain’ cemented her artistry, while the hip ‘Garden State’ epitomized her coolness. Yet ‘Closer,’ in which she played an exotic dancer, proved her icon status as a global sex symbol, if there was ever any doubt. It was the brilliant ‘V for Vendetta’ however, that proved she is one of the greatest and coolest actors of our time. For the film, she shaved her head bald, as she did earlier for Star Wars, showing her bravery as an artist. In ‘The Other Boleyn Girl,’ she again pushed the edges of her sex appeal by toying with lesbianism. She succeeded in many other films and stage, and as she is now also a producer, has over one dozen films on her slate for the next seven years and beyond.

Talented beyond compare of most any of her generation, beautiful as can be, and cool as ever, Natalie Portman is without question one of the TOP 10 HOTTEST ACTRESSES OF OUR TIME. Don’t miss the next nine, in no particular order, in our next issue.

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