Gisele Wedding a Smash Hit


Voted among the top 10 hottest supermodels in the world by The Hollywood Sentinel®, Gisele Bundchen and her husband, NFL star Tom Brady, reportedly had their second wedding last weekend in Costa Rica, and some paparazzo are crying penalty when their SUV window was reportedly blown out by gunfire, allegedly narrowly missing their heads. (source: Extra!)

The paps are claiming the stars are insane for their security’s actions. Right, and reportedly sneaking around the private property of the Gisele estate, hiding in bushes, and paying off neighbors to get photos of the Bundchen and Brady wedding that the stars made clear that they did not want photographed is perfectly sane, right? May we suggest a mote filled with hungry alligators for the celebrities homes, and booby traps around the bushes next time? And for the paps, may we advise infrared cameras, and body armor, with built in cameras, hi def, red cams optional?

The truth is, as long as many in the world are filled with the void of their meaningless lives, and look to the stars to fantasize, and project on them their idol worship or complete hatred, Hollywood’s rich and beautiful will always be the target of insanity. And the stars, perhaps in their own insanity, just may fight back. Thankfully, the paps are OK in this incident.

The above issue of George Magazine, way back in 2000 says it best with its title, ‘The Lethal Politics of Beauty.’ Model and talent manager Bruce Edwin states of the incident, “If I didn’t know better, I’d think it were all a publicity stunt. I’m seeing a Lara Croft or Bond role here. Movie goers love the femme fatale, and this makes Gisele the ultimate one. Guys love guns and girls. Just not pointed in their direction.”

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