Kate Moss – World's Top 10 Hottest Model


If there is one name that defines the word supermodel, over the past 20 years, it is Kate Moss. Known for her wild antics, controversial images, and show all body, the iconic face and figure of Kate Moss ushered in to fashion and consequently pop culture, the ultra thin and petite look popularized by models before her such as Twiggy.

While standards for models have loosened slightly since Kate’s zenith, there is one thing for sure, love her or hate her, she probably elicits stronger feelings from people one way or another than any model of our time. And she has pushed the boundaries of sexuality in the media like few other models alive. When her work with Calvin Klein for their Obsession frangrance came out, every one was talking about Kate Moss. Suddenly, men confessed they were in fact 'obsessed' with Kate. The fragrance skyrocketed. Kate Moss became a muse to countless artists. Daring, provocative, and undeniably beautiful, this stellar beauty has a look that will endure always. Kate Moss is without a doubt, one of the World's Top 10 Hottest Models of all time.

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