Brooke Shields, World's Top 10 Hottest Model


Think of the most beautiful models of all time, and you can not help but to think of Brooke Shields. Beautiful as a child, when she began modeling, as she caused a furor of controversy with provocative ads and films, and beautiful as a young adult, when she was the hottest model in the world, the name Brooke Shields was known by every civilized person on Earth in the 80’s, as she symbolized Hollywood, fashion, and sexuality.

She was wisely considered by many as the most beautiful and desirable woman on the planet. Now, as she celebrates her birthday, the ever classy and daring Brooke Shields, remains as she turns 44, the same alluring, beautiful woman as she ever was, proving to the world that the 40’s are indeed the new 30’s, thanks to women like Brooke Shields.

While the idea of a very young man finding attractive one of hottest supermodels in the world, Brooke Shields, at 44, who looks half her age, is far from unusual, we thank Australia’s Kurv magazine for honoring the woman who still has men obsessively fighting for her, and seeking her approval. And if you haven’t seen the super sexy photos of Brooke in the magazine yet, be sure to check them out.

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