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By Bruce Edwin

Ronja Furrer was raised with three siblings in Lüterkofen. A quaint, small village, Lüterkofen-Ichertswil is a municipality within the district of Bucheggberg, in the canton (state) of Solothurn, Switzerland. After her very wise grandfather submitted her pictures to Elite, Ronja participated in the Elite Model Look contest at the age of fourteen, and was among the top fifteen during the world finals in Marrakesh. This was the launch of the professional modelling career for the beautiful young girl, as it gave her the chance to meet all of the top agencies world wide. First she moved to Paris immediately after her years at school to join the fashion world at the age of fifteen, and she then hit New York at the age of sixteen which since then, she has mostly called home.

Top world class clients including Jean Paul Gaultier, Ralph Lauren, Sak’s Fifth Avenue, Macy's, Bloomingdale’s and others began to book the stunning new Swiss girl on a regular basis. Top photographers including Steven Meisel, Mark Seliger, Carter Smith, Camilla Akrans, David Bellmere, Max Vadukal, Terry Gates, and Paola Kudacki began to shoot Ronja, among top photographers. Ronja Furrer’s growing and impressive portfolio includes shots for renowned fashion magazines including Vogue, Harpers Bazar, Elle, and Marie Claire among others. She is also famous on the Swiss market, with Swiss brands including Manor, Zimmerli, Beldona, Globus, and PKZ among more. She has recently been the campaign’s face of the trend magazine called 'Friday.'

With a flat in New York, Ronja also commutes heavily between Switzerland, London, and Paris. When she is not busy modelling or spending time with family and friends, she is heavily dedicated to helping the organization known as Blumenhaus Buchegg Foundation (Flower House), which offers homes and support for mentally disabled children, teens, and adults. While loving Europe, she states that the energy in the United States and New York City in particular gives here more drive, and she feels more 'hope' here in America. She states that "The really strong energy every body has here in America and New York is really inspiring, that every body wants to reach a goal, and that really gives the people drive" that she loves. With a movie star look, Ronja Furrer brings to the camera a presence of passion, personality, intensity, and sexuality that few models posses. The stunning beauty is by far, one of the Top 10 New Faces of our time.

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