Top 10 Hottest Model – Tyra Banks


Some women move mountains by rising to the top as a supermodel. Only a few woman rock the planet, to break not only the obstacle any model faces, but being a black woman in an industry dominated by white girls, on top of that. Tyra Banks is one such woman. She is a remarkable human being.

In the fashion industry, over the course of her distinguished career, the sexy Tyra Banks became the first African-American model to grace the covers of GQ and the coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.  The following year, she was featured on the cover of the famed Victoria’s Secret catalog, an honor she received again and again.  In 2003, Tyra Banks became a true pioneer in reality TV when she created, executive produced, and hosted the tremendously successful “America’s Next Top Model.” The entertaining show quickly became a phenomenon and was UPN's most-watched program for six cycles. In 2006, “Top Model” was chosen to launch the brand new CW Network. Starpower Management’s Bruce Edwin states,”Tyra paved the way for other modeling related shows such as Project Runway, to succeed. She has given a personal face and view, to a business otherwise shrouded in secrecy. She has made fashion and modeling more exciting, with a modern flair.” Next, with the launch of her syndicated daily talk show “The Tyra Banks Show,” Ms. Banks became one of the few women to be seen regularly on both daytime and primetime television.  Premiering in 2005, the talk show quickly became one of the most popular new daytime programs on the air, and continues to boast the youngest audience in daytime.  The CW recently announced that Banks will rule the network’s Wednesday night lineup, beginning September 2008, when the new reality series “Stylista” will air immediately following “Top Model.”  Banks is executive producing the new primetime series.  “Stylista,” is the reality version of the Devil Wears Prada featuring aspiring young hopefuls battling for a coveted fashion editor position with Elle magazine.

In January 2009, Banks will be introducing “True Beauty,” a primetime series airing on ABC which she will be executive producing alongside another TV producing powerhouse, Ashton Kutcher.

Equally important to Banks is her dedication to today's youth. After writing Tyra's Beauty Inside & Out (HarperCollins), she realized that the trials she overcame as a teen could be used to connect with girls who struggled with self-esteem issues.  At the young age of 19, Banks established a scholarship in her name to give African-American girls the opportunity to attend her alma mater, Immaculate Heart High School.

She expanded her charitable outreach in July 2000 when her self-funded foundation sponsored the first year of TZONE, an annual summer camp experience for teenage girls designed to encourage independence, and enhance self-esteem.  TZONE has transitioned into a grant-making organization, whose mission is to build a sisterhood movement, as well as to foster supportive female relationships.  To this end, TZONE raises funds and awards grants to community-based nonprofits that serve low-income women and girls through innovative programs and services.  For more information about TZONE, visit the website at

Tyra is without a doubt, one of the hottest Top 10 supermodels of all time. For the rest of our top 10 list so far, of the hottest supermodels ever, check out our archives section.

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